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Relax your soul with luxury and warm your heart with tradition.

Located on one of the most naturally preserved and beautiful village Şirince, Stone House Hotel is a place for you to live your dreams in the best possible way. From wedding occasions to honeymoons, or just to relax and take the edge off, we are here for you with our natural, organic and luxurious hospitality.

Surrounded by fig, olive, apple trees and cute inhabitants like rabbits, sheep, and goats you and your family will experience the village life at its heart and make many great memories.

Turkish Bath

The bath is a very important part of the Anatolian culture. It entered the stage of history 6,000 years ago with the Sumerians and then became a cultural part of almost every civilization mentioned in history. It is said to be the most meaningful and most frequently called “Turkish”. So much so that tourists, when “Turkey” is called, the first thing that comes to mind, mostly “Turkish bath” they say.

Reach the hot stones with pleasure in the Turkish bath and feel that all your tension has moved away, relaxed and relaxed!

Unique Flavors

Aegean cuisine and especially when talking about İzmir are of course delicious olives with olive, olive oil and olive oil. Sprinkle black pepper, salt and thyme on fresh olive oil, and fried or fresh bread, by mixing it with tulum cheese. Olive oil is the first actor of the Aegean cuisine and the second actor is a variety of greens. Indeed, if we define the Aegean cuisine as a green kitchen, we would not be wrong. Hibiscus, ivy, nettle, horseradish, Şevket-i bostan, poppy, labada, calendula, cinnabar, radica, sea bean, asparagus, tangle… The list gets longer as it grows. These herbs, which are cooked as little as possible, thus preserve both their color and their vitamin values. When you add lemon juice and golden olive oil on them, the flavors that are not satisfied with their taste and appearance are revealed.

Let unique flavors add color to your life in Stonehouse Byipek’s kitchen…

Horseback Riding

Our goal is to share the pleasure we get from this sport with horse-loving families. While pursuing this goal, we always wanted to give priority to horses and professionalism in horse riding. While supporting our equestrian qualities is among our goals, introducing the special relationship between adults and children with the wonderful horse world, the horse and the rider, and the pleasure of horseback riding was the most important of our goals. After stepping into the equestrian world, it is a natural desire to learn and experience horse.

Wedding Organizations

Stonehouse By İpek Hotel transforms into an unforgettable experience on a magnificent night where nature and unique magnificence combine with comfort and quality on this special night that will turn your guests’ head with the extraordinary comfort and unique atmosphere we offer to give your guests a unique experience.